Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory

We offer Digital X-rays and Digital Ultrasound to help find out why your pet may be sick or hurting.  Digital ultrasound is a non-invasive method to “look inside” of your pet to see what may be going on.  Ultrasound is often used to measure the size of certain organs in the body or measure how well the heart is working.

Digital X-rays are a great tool to help diagnose many orthopedic conditions, but also are very helpful to evaluate the soft organs in the body. Many digestive conditions benefit from x-rays to determine how well the stomach and intestines are functioning.  X-rays of the heart and lungs can look for pneumonia or changes in the heart.  With the use of telemedicine, these images can be sent to specialists without your pet ever having to leave our hospital.

Pharmacy and Laboratory

Common diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, pancreatitis, heart disease and some infections can be diagnosed in a just a few minutes using in house laboratory . We also contract with Antech Diagnostics, an animal specialty laboratory, to provide more advanced or specialized tests and usually have results within a few days.  We have a microscope center that allows us to find intestinal parasties, determine the cause of ear infections and check out lumps and bumps on your pet.  Our pet pharmacy is fully stocked with the lastest and greatest in veterinary medicines to help your pet get better fast.  You can benefit from knowing that all of our prescription medications are FDA approved, meaning that they are proven safe and effective in animals.

Endocrine Testing

Diabetes, thyroid disorders, and adrenal malfunctions are just a few of the common endocrine issues that we commonly see in pets.  Many of these disorders can be diagnosed with a routine blood test.  Our veterinary team is well prepared with the best equipment and diagnostic testing and are able to discuss the tests needed to diagnose and treat your pet’s problem.  We will develop a plan to help your pet maintain a high quality of life.