Oncology: Care for you and your pet

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating, but you can rest assured that the oncology team at West Gate Animal Hospital has the skill, experience and compassion to help you make the best decisions during a difficult time.

Our specialists can make a determination as to whether cancer cells are present, and will meet with you to discuss the course of the disease, additional recommended diagnostics, treatment options, side effects and the ultimate prognosis. We believe one of the keys to successful treatment is clear communication between our team and you—and we’ll ensure you have all the information you need as you work with us to choose the best course of care.  Always know, too, that your pet’s quality of life is of paramount importance to us.

Staging tells us the extent of the disease

Fortunately, many cancers in pets can  be diagnosed quickly which allows us to explore all of the treatment options available.  Diagnostic tests may include a needle biopsy or tissue biopsy and there are now blood tests that are able to detect certain cancer markers.

Offering the full array of treatment options

We will be with you every step of the way and can advise you and provide recommendations as to the optimal course of treatment. The treatment options are:

  • Medical, which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy and/or targeted therapy
  • Surgery in close collaboration with our surgical specialists
  • Radiation referral, the primary treatment in the fight against cancer, often used when surgery is not sufficient